Debbie Geer~ Founder & President

Debbie Geer

Debbie Geer~ Founder & President of “Hope for a Woman’s Heart”

ONCE UPON A TIME......there was this girl who always had a heart and love for others but also had a deep need to be loved herself.

Well, that girl is ME!

So...let me tell you a little bit about myself and how Hope for a Woman’s Heart came to be.

When I was 4 years old, my mother left my father with custody of 5 children. After the divorce, the void of feeling loved in my life left an emptiness within me that I carried for many years. Although my father did remarry, our family went through many difficult adjustments in the years I lived at home. For some reason, I always felt I had to EARN love and acceptance from others.

When I was in 7th grade, I attended a Christian girls conference through the church I attended. It was there that I heard about God’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for me. I know I heard about this in church but IT WAS NOW GOD’S TIME for me to ACCEPT His love. I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life at that conference and my life was changed forever. I now had a faith in God but my life was far from perfect as I made many mistakes and poor choices in the years to follow...the difference being I could go to God and ask His forgiveness and know that He still loved me!

Fast forward... when I was 17 years old, I met John and in 1979 he became my amazing husband. We began our lives together going to church, building our own home plus we had our incredible sons....Jeremiah and Jacob. My husband and I had AMAZING times together in our marriage when life was good.....but through a horrible mistake I made in my life....we journeyed through the most difficult time one could imagine. It took us seven years of WALKING OUT FORGIVENESS! It was not easy but we came THROUGH IT....stronger in our faith with God, our love for each other and a deeper compassion for others. God wastes nothing in our lives and He was NOT going to waste the most difficult time in my life. The words AMAZING GRACE had taken on a whole new meaning for me and I desired for other women to experience that same love, forgiveness, grace and mercy that I had received from God.

In January 2011, while I was working at The Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, God laid it on my heart to begin an organization where women would have a forum to share their own personal journey with God plus a place for women to be able to share their gifts and talent as well. Those that share would be every day women....not professional speakers. It would not be through any particular denomination.

It was no accident when God laid this on my heart that I was working at a Christian store where I met many beautiful and talented women. I heard about their personal stories and their journeys in faith with God.

God would show me who to share this new dream with and each woman I spoke to said....”I WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS!” As a result, a board was formed and HOPE FOR A WOMAN’S HEART was born.

In June of 2011, we hosted our very first Hope for a Woman’s Heart event and the theme was THE POTTER’S TOUCH. We did everything ourselves from decorating this little tabernacle in South Glens Falls, to preparing the food and organizing the program. We had about 50 women attend. Since then...we have featured 2 major events a year at beautiful venues in the Adirondacks of New York. We now average in attendance about 200-250 women.

It has been amazing to see lives changed, uplifted and for women to receive HOPE with God when they felt HOPELESS & ALONE like I did so many years ago.

Our desire is to continue to expand Hope for a Woman’s Heart and to look for new opportunities to reach more women who may or may not have a faith in God and who need HOPE!

Hope for a Woman's Heart mission statement is...

“Real women touching the lives of real women with HOPE through the love of Christ.”

My personal prayer is that every life that Hope for a Woman’s Heart touches.....LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER....with GOD!!