Jesus in Disguise - May 11, 2013

About the event Debbie Geer writes:

I have had some time to process all that unfolded yesterday at the HOPE FOR A WOMAN'S HEART "Jesus in Disguise" event. Words can't begin to express the numerous ways God used the women that shared either in words, music, dance & sweet gestures of love!! To pick a highlight doesn't even seem possible. Some moments that happened that was truly touching was the overwhelming GIFT OF LOVE given to Sally Hayes to be used for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD!! The gift far exceeded what anyone could have imagined yet seemed PERFECT! Personally to have her be a part of this event knowing the THE LIGHTHOUSE was closing & this ministry being blessed by her personal support of this ministry was so sweet for me! Of course each testimony is always special because it is from real experiences that women have gone through and how God had used the experiences to show His love and power!

Cory Patterson always has "Words of Inspiration" that ignites a fire in us in a way only she can!!! Thank you Cory!
The music was so worshipful and "EnArmored" group did a BEAUTIFUL job!! Truly gifted women! What a great addition to this ministry!

Words always fail me when I reflect on the inspirational dance that Nanette Levon's & the Glorious Praise Dancers share!! ( Donna Ellis & Michelle Garrah) I am always moved to tears and in awe!!

The special feature from BARGAIN BOX was so neat & the models were too funny (sisters Sarah Maynard & Melissa Guay)
The GREAT ESCAPE LODGE & SOUND SOLUTIONS gave us such a wonderful facility and professional service through the staff at the Lodge & the sound/visual that was given, it was AMAZING & appreciated!

The number of women that attended was fantastic and seeing the raise of hands for the first timers & also those that plan on inviting someone new next time was astounding and is setting the bar for the work we have to do in the future for this important ministry!!!

The hostesses & board did so much behind the scenes & the needed help for this event to run smoothly! The PRAYER WARRIORS are so vital as well & I know there were many who prayed!! Thank you! Added bonus was the special SHOPPING OPPORTUNITIES and our way to support the Christian women who were there selling their items. So neat that we can uplift one another in the Body of Christ in so many ways!!!

Finally, I know lives were touched, uplifted, encouraged, energized & emboldened to continue to be WOMEN IN CHRIST knowing that there is a great hosts of women in this area that are of like mind in their love of Christ!

So here we go as we plan our next event to once again express that love to more women in this area & beyond!!! T​hank you are truly faithful to those that love you and desire to be used to be JESUS IN DISGUISE to those we meet in our day to day life!! 

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