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Check out all the women that will be sharing at our REDEEMED event on Friday night, Nov. 6th, 6-10pm @ the beautiful Queensbury Hotel!! Click here for ticket info.


REDEEMED-Cory.jpg Cory Patterson will share a powerful message to inspire us all!!
REDEEMED-Ana.jpg Ana Velasquez will be sharing her amazing testimony!
REDEEMED-Kellie.jpg Kellie Girling will be singing a special song that stir your heart!
REDEEMED-Sarah.jpg Sarah Soules, lead singer of the EnArmored women's worship band, will lift you up...HEART AND SOUL!
REDEEMED-Nanette.jpg Nanette Levons and the Glorious Praise Dancers will bless you through the beautiful way they interpret songs through dance.
REDEEMED-Lois.jpg Lois Stark, keyboard player and vocalist of the EnArmored women's band will share songs of hope and praise.
REDEEMED-Tricia.jpg Tricia Andrews will inform us about Perspective!
REDEEMED-Kim.jpg Kim Cook will share will us about the The Open Doors outreach ministry in our region.
REDEEMED-Toni.jpg Toni Feinman will be sharing some interesting Jewish traditions that you will love learning about during our special feature!!


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